Our Expertise

Bulk Material Handling

The main function of a bulk material handling system is to continuously transport and accurately supply bulk materials to units in processing plants. Secondary functions include storage and blending.


Dispersion is the functional operation of applying high shear forces to a media thereby breaking up solid agglomerates into primary particles. Dispersion processes are also used to promote good wetting of particulates, that is the coating of individual primary particles with the binder film.

Wet Milling/Grinding

When size reduction of primary particles is required, wet milling / grinding techniques must be considered.

Mixing - Homogenisation, Suspension, Mass & Heat Transfer

Agitation is employed with the intent of apply mechanical forces to fluids in order to achieve specific functions include such as homogenization, suspending, dispersing, gassing, reaction or heat transfer.

Liquid & Paste Filling

A filling machine refers to a special type of packaging machine that is used to measure a product from bulk by some predefined value i.e. weight or volume. Investing in filling machinery creates several different benefits for any company which include more reliable and consistent operation, Versatility and Production Rates.


The label on a product is critical to increasing brand visibility and is an essential communication tool between manufacturers and consumers. The main benefit of a purchasing a labelling machine is to increase efficiency and the speed of applying labels to a product without increasing labour costs, when compared to manual hand-labelling.

Palletising & Wrapping

Palletising is a process of placing and securing products on pallets and wrapping is a process to protect your goods and pallets from dust, damage and other forms of tampering. Both operations are usually located at the end of a manufacturing line.


Dispensing plants provide highest reproducibility for each individual formulation component of any tinted product in desired quantity and shortest dispensing time.

Waste Treatment

Green manufacturing has never been as important as it is today and through embracing latest efficient waste treatment solutions, companies can contribute to a better tomorrow and future for our planet.